Hope Ginsburg + Sponge HQ with Colleen Brennan, Jasmine Calvert, Jessica Carey, Lindsay Clements, JoJo Houff and Clare van Loenen

A suite of objects investigating the role of water in material production and aquatic adventure. Cooperatively produced with monitors of the Sponge HQ for THIRST, an exhibition and curated series of workshops at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn, NY.

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Thirst, a curatorial project by Lydia Matthews and Current Collective taking place at Proteus Gowanus and reflecting the gallery's 2013-14 theme, Water. Thirst was an exhibition and a series of workshops. A complete list of Thirst artists and contributors is here.
With monitors of the Sponge HQ, making a series of objects investigating the role of water in material production and aquatic adventure for the installation. A special project for the Sponge HQ, the first time an exhibition was completely conceived, fabricated, and installed collaboratively. Current student monitors of the HQ were housed in NY by Sponge monitors "emeritus." To see pictures of the process, click here.
Scuba Tanks: Jessica Carey, Jasmine Calvert, Tanks donated by the Dive Shop in Richmond, VA
Snorkel: Hope Ginsburg
Mask: Hope Ginsburg
Sailer Hat: Jasmine Calvert
Bikini: Jasmine Calvert, Jessica Carey, Hope Ginsburg
Swim Trunks: Jasmine Calvert, Jessica Carey, Hope Ginsburg
Surfboard: Hope Ginsburg, JoJo Houff, Jasmine Calvert, Jessica Carey, Colleen Brennan
Wetsuit: Jessica Carey, Jasmine Calvert
Lead felt makers: Clare van Loenen, Lindsay Clements
Felting crew: Kara Beckner, Madison Clark, Liesa Collins, Mason Fletcher, Gretchen Mull, Summer Rezeli, Stephanie Schapowal, Davis Scherer
Hydrogen Bonding, my contribution with Laura Sansone, to the Thirstlab Workshops. A booklet, produced by Lydia Matthews' Parsons class, Curating as a Social Practice (undergraduate) is here.
Water is linked to textile production through history, legend and industry. Early textile mills were powered by water wheels built near fast-flowing rivers and streams. Integral to the natural dyeing process, water works in tandem with the sun and soil to grow the plants used for dye material. The tale about the origin of felted textiles involves the sweat of two saints fleeing from persecution who packed their sandals with wool and at the end of their journey the movement and moisture turned the wool into felt socks. 
Join artist and felt-maker, Hope Ginsburg, along with Laura Sansone and her Mobile Textile Lab, for a hands-on workshop about the basics of local materials sourcing, natural dyeing and wool felt making. Learn how to make dyes with regionally grown plans and vegetables from the local farmers markets. Discover how to massage fleece into felt, and in keeping with our thirsty theme, craft your own felt water molecule.
Hope and Laura will illuminate how these workshop activities relate to their broader project work as artists and designers, followed by a brief hydro-focused group dialogue moderated by curator Lydia Matthews. Wrap up as the Thirst opening gets underway…and stick around for, of course, a drink celebrating both World Water Day and the launch of ThirstLab.

Scuba Tanks, Snorkel, Mask, Sailor Hat, Bikini, Swim Trunks, Surf Board, 2013-14

Lead makers: Jasmine Calvert, Jessica Carey, JoJo Houff. Tanks donated by The Dive Shop in Richmond, VA.
Ephemera and objects by participants in THIRST, including artifacts and installation elements from past Sponge HQ projects.
Wetsuit, 2014
Lead makers: Jessica Carey, Jasmine Calvert