A five-day Sponge at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies

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"Center Sponge is a five-day experience in total immersion. During each "absorb-a-thon" day, one theme will be explored in depth: Organism, Fantastical Realism, Optimism, Cynicism, and Metabolism.
Center Sponge will string together encounters with the ocean floor, outer space, maple-sugaring, and singing in the rain. After a week of visiting expert presentations, film screenings, one intensive ukulele lesson, and three field trips (to an aquarium, a planetarium, and a museum), you will "wring-out" by delivering a presentation of your own. Prepare to leave the workshop (with a ukulele) ready to conduct future Sponges."
Presentations by:
Adam Baldinger, marine biologist, taxonomist and curatorial associate of malacology and invertebrate zoology at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Leah Beeferman, artist, designer and VCU graduate student in the Painting and Printmaking Department.
Carol Carlson, museum educator at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.
Larissa Harris, curator at the Queens Museum of Art.
Rachel Metz, aquarist at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium.
David Mindell, engineer, historian of technology and director of the program in Science, Technology and Society at MIT.
Katie Ray, librarian at the MIT Science Fiction Society and MIT student.
Meg Rotzel, curatorial associate at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and founder of the Berwick Research Institute.
Joe Zane, arist and director of production at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies.
Mirah Zeitlyn, recording artist on K Records.