Four divers meditate in the Bay of Fundy’s rising tide, the highest on the planet. The tide rises on our bodies until we disappear below. The Land Dive series proposes the practice of present-moment awareness with equanimity for coping with catastrophic climate change.

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Land Dive Team: Bay of Fundy is a single-channel video with sound that focuses on four people in seated meditation, breathing through scuba gear at the shore of the Bay of Fundy. The bay, which is situated at the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine between Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is known for having the highest tidal rise on the planet. Twice a day in the Minas Basin, at the head of the bay, waters can rise and fall up to fifty feet. In this Land Dive, filmed at the coast of New Brunswick, Canada, the divers sit in a row with their gaze focused in front of them. As the cold tide flows in, we see them rocked by the waves and hear the chorus of their breaths drawn through scuba regulators. Slowly, with fits and starts, the water rises on their bodies until they disappear below. Once the water level reaches the height of the regulators, the soundscape shifts from the hiss of air to the gurgle of bubbling water. In real time, the breathers sat for an hour and half until all that was left was the sign of their exhalations as bubbles hit the surface of the water. Just after we shot the video in October of 2015, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick reported that day as having the highest King Tide ever recorded in the Gulf of Maine. Such shifts in the tides, as well as changes in the temperature of the Bay of Fundy, further evoke the anxiety of catastrophic climate change that underpins the video. There is a psychological dimension to the piece operating at the personal level as well, as the breathers sit steadfast, taking breath after breath, even as the water continues to rise.

Jessica Bradford
Rachel Barrett
Richelle Martin
Hope Ginsburg

Matt Flowers
Jessica Carey

Joshua Quarles
Mike Olenick
Support provided by
Denise Markonish
Sean Foley
Temple Contemporary
Robert Blackson
Sarah Biemiller  
The Dive Shop
Jim McNeal
COJO Diving
Connie Bishop  
Joe George         
VCUarts Department of Photography & Film
Sasha Waters Freyer
Jon-Phillip Sheridan
VCUarts Art Foundation Program
Elissa Armstrong
Christine Costello
Film/Video Studio Program at the Wexner Center for the Arts

Special Thanks
Sophia Bartholomew
Jay Blankenship
Adam Blumberg
Ann Brady
Janice Wright Cheney
Jorge Colombo
John Edward Cushnie
Rachel Hilton
Bill Horrigan
Jennifer Lange
John Lyerly
Judy Muller
Peter Ramey
Denise Richard
Meghan Robertson
Claire Zitzow
Connexion ARC
Rauschenberg Residency / Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Hope Ginsburg 2016


[Excerpt 2 min 16 sec]
Edition of 3
single channel video
7 min 8 sec
Headphones or external speakers are necessary
to hear the full score.

Jessica Bradford
Rachel Barrett
Richelle Martin
Hope Ginsburg

Matt Flowers
Jessica Carey

Joshua Quarles

Mike Olenick

Support provided by the Film/Video Studio Program at the Wexner Center for the Arts

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Installation view: "Breathing on Land: Bay of Fundy"
Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photo: Sam Fritch

Installation view: "Breathing on Land: Bay of Fundy"
Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photo: Sam Fritch
Installation view: "Explode Every Day: An Inquiry into the Phenomena of Wonder"
MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts
Photo by: Tony Luong
Installation view: "Declaration"
Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, Richmond, VA
Photo by: Terry Brown