Like the bees they work with, beekeepers are a social species. “The Pollinators” presents the honey of each of the beekeepers I have gotten to know over the last twenty years as the result of making the “Bearded Lady” project (1998 – 2000). It celebrates the beekeeping community in the form of a portrait of sorts. The first paragraph of the beekeeping book I bought to get started exactly two decades ago, said more or less, “If you want to learn to keep bees, find a beekeeper and he or she will teach you.” I was surprised at first to find how true that was and have come to expect this generosity from people who live close to bees. Another layer to “The Pollinators” is the sound piece, “Hexagonal”, composed by Joshua Quarles with field recordings of Max Goldfarb’s Hudson, New York bees, in honor of the opening of my project space Sponge HQ, which had a hive of its own.