A project by the Meditation Ocean Constellation

Production stills below

Meditation Ocean works for climate justice through oceanic meditation and responsive terrestrial action. A new milieu for multispecies mindfulness is introduced as meditating scuba divers “breathe with” the wildlife inhabiting each underwater site. M.O. emphasizes the interdependence of individual and communal healing, the relationship between human and more-than-human wellbeing, and the nonduality of the social and the environmental.

In Meditation Ocean: Turtlegrass Meadow, the premiere iteration of the project, a group of eight divers spends four days in Biscayne National Park in the Florida Keys. Experimenting with notions of buoyancy and what they offer to terrestrial concepts of “grounding” in meditative practice–along with new modes of weightless embodiment–the divers rise from the seabed to float in meditation. This “underwater meditation retreat” is both a live experience and a video production. The resulting footage, captured with three underwater cameras shooting in the round, is used to create an immersive video installation–an “indoor ocean” and soundscape. M.O. launches with an exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio, in February 2023, with plans being made for touring. The project’s far-flung oceanscape catalyzes a series of workshops, events, and programming connected to hyperlocal issues.

Meditation Ocean: Turtlegrass Meadow's immersive video installation, commissioned meditation scripts, and numerous public programs buoy sustained attention, engagement, and needed dialogue in the context of the climate crisis’s intersecting social and environmental vectors.

M.O. is produced with the support of an Artist Residency Award in Film/Video from the Wexner Center for the Arts.

A Climate Impact Report for Meditation Ocean at the Wex is in progress with Artists Commit.

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