Colablablab I and Colablablab II were the first semester-long iterations of a Sponge workshop: A piloted 8 credit course structure at Virginia Commonwealth University in which a group of School of the Arts students and Department of Biology students enroll together, with their Colablablab professor Hope Ginsburg in a Biology 101 lecture and Biology 101 lab section. An experiment in curricular ecology in which the class takes a class.
The Colablablab instructors were Dr. Edward Crawford, Hope Ginsburg and Dan Carr. Dr. Donald Young, chair of the VCU Biology Department was a behind the scenes steward. Participants, or Colablablaborators, were: Andrew Schmidt, Ashton Hudgins, Hyunji Lee, Jessica Dodd, John Gustafson, Katie Connor, Marilyn Li, Michael Horton, Olivia Gibian, Rebecca Henderson and Ross Iannatti.  The Sponge Researchers, who dovetailed with that class, were Andrew Kotsch, Beranger LeFranc and Vreni Michelini.

Daniel Carr was the Biology lecture and lab instructor of Colablablab II. Participants were: Colleen Billing, Lindsay Clements, Riley Duncan, Julie Hundley, Claire Johnson, Raena Mann, Christina Tyler and Ashley Vreeland.

A talk about Colablablab and the Sponge HQ at the Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum at la Biennale di Venezia is here

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