Sponge HQ, home to the Sponge project and the experimental Colablablab curriculum, was an interdisciplinary lab, workshop, classroom and project space installed at the VCUarts Anderson Gallery in Richmond, VA.

Professor Hope Ginsburg’s Sponge HQ, an interdisciplinary workshop, project space, and classroom, supplies an excellent model that brought extra vitality to the gallery once it took up residence on our top floor in 2009. As the ever-inventive Richard Carlyon underscores in his video, A Saying of Sorts (2001), quoting the painter Kenzo Okado: “Any activity that releases art from its exclusive history in order to discover it everywhere is worthy of serious attention.”  –Ashley Kistler, “Roundup: Taking Stock of a Long History and the Anderson Gallery’s Final Years” from Anderson Gallery: 45 Years of Art on the Edge, 2016.

Produced for the opening of the Sponge HQ by Joshua Quarles. Sounds from Max Goldfarb's bees in Hudson, NY are part of the score.
Photo by Terry Brown