A project by the Meditation Ocean Constellation

Six-channel video installation with ambient score, guided meditations, seating, public programming

67 minutes, looped

Meditation Ocean works toward climate justice through oceanic meditation and responsive terrestrial action. An accessible "indoor ocean," M.O. is equal parts video installation and platform for public programming. The project proposes the interdependence of individual and communal well-being, the deep connection between humans and more-than-humans, and the nonduality of the social and the environmental. 

In M.O. Turtlegrass Meadow, the premiere iteration of the project, a group of eight divers spent four days in Biscayne National Park in the Florida Keys. Experimenting with notions of buoyancy and what they offer to terrestrial concepts of “grounding” in meditative practice–along with new modes of weightless embodiment–the divers rose from the seabed to float in meditation. This “underwater meditation retreat” was both a live experience and a video production.

Meditation Ocean launched with an exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio, from February to July 2023. The project’s oceanscape catalyzed a series of workshops, events, and programming connected to local issues, which you can read more about at the "Programs" link here.

Meditation Ocean is supported by the Wexner Center for the Arts Film/Video Studio Program and Artist Residency Award in Film/Video.

Read about Meditation Ocean in Artforum and the exhibition's Gallery Guide. Follow us on Instagram at @meditation_ocean. The M.O. Turtlegrass Meadow score is now an album; you can listen here. A Climate Impact Report for the Meditation Ocean exhibition is shared on Artists Commit.

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Each M.O. is the result of a collaborative ecology, credited to the Meditation Ocean Constellation.

M.O. Turtlegrass Meadow

Hope Ginsburg, Artist/Director

Jennifer Lange, Curator/Producer

Matt Flowers, Director of Photography

Alexis McCrimmon, Editor and Colorist

Joshua Quarles, Composer and Sound Recordist

Jim McNeal, Dive Safety Officer

Dionne Custer Edwards, Learning & Public Practice Director

Emily Haidet, Community, Public, and Academic Programs

Sarah Robison, Teaching, Learning, and Interpretation

Tracie McCambridge, Art & Resilience Director

Stephen Jones, Exhibition Design Engineer

David Dickas, Exhibition Designer

Sarah Howard, Dive Team Captain

Bob Ballard, Dive Team

Steve Peloquin, Dive Team

Rachel Stewart, Diving with a Purpose, Dive Team

Riane TylerDiving with a Purpose, Dive Team, Meditation Script Writer

Mary Boltz, Dive Guide

Oscar Fleites, Boat Captain

Chelsea McLaughlin, Boat First Mate

Lily Cox-Richard and Michael Jevon Demps, Library of Radical Returns, Meditation Script Writers

Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo Ovalles, The Interior Beauty Salon, Meditation Script Writer

Forest–Body–Chair and Mildred’s Lane Session Fellows: Gina Siepel–Session Co-leader, Julia O. Bianco, Joe Lerro, Rachel Schmoker, Ainsley Steeves, Samiha Tasnim, Ruby Waldo, Lotte Kliros Walworth, Meditation Script Writers

Brad Fox, Meditation Script Writer

Rachel Hilton, Yoga Scope, Meditation Script Writer

GM Keaton, Meditation Script Writer

Tifani Kendrick, Meditation Script Writer

Monique McCrystal and Deja Redman, Replenish, Meditation Script Writers

Fiona Middleton, Meditation Script Writer

Sara Smith, Meditation Script Writer

Naoco Wowsugi, Meditation Script Writer

Melody Jue, Writer

Anaïs Duplan, Writer

Matthew Barger, Vocalist

Olivia Carlton, Vocalist

Lauren Maho, Vocalist

Jesse Roberts,Vocalist

Julia Harth, Learning Guide Researcher

Amanda Tobin Ripley, Learning Guide Researcher

Kendall Markley, Graphic Designer

Nisiqi, Graphic Designer

Marcy Paredes, Graphic Designer

Nia Snelling, Art & Resilience Student Leader

Sophia Buskirk, Art & Resilience Student Leader

Deidre HoguetDesigntex, Materials Designer

Jerry Marshall, Upholsterer


Wexner Center for the Arts Film/Video Studio Program

Wexner Center for the Arts Artist Residency Award in Film/Video

The Ohio State University Women & Philanthropy Grant

The Dive Shop


Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

VCUarts Arts Research Institute

Diving with a Purpose

Biscayne National Park

Huish Outdoors

University of South Florida

Carol and Marvin Ginsburg


Brenda Altmeier

Johanna Burton

Jason Cervenec

John Chae

Christine Costello

Megan Cowan

Sarah B Cunningham

Dan Dawson

Carol Derby

Mark Dion

Mayme Donsker

Austin Dunn

David Filipi

Erin Freeman

Lisa Fusco

Roger Garcia

Jessica Gath

Kari Gunter-Seymour

Paul Hill

Oscar Keyes

Kelly Kivland

Jeff Knapp

Lance Koehler

Kim Kollman

Sylke Krell

Christiana Lafazani

Tracy Leipold

Susan Lyons

Chris McKenna

Sandra Noeth

Karina Peggau

Eric Pepple

Krystal Pocock

Thomas Potts

J. Morgan Puett

Matt Reber

Astrid Santini

Elizabeth Schambelan

Karen Simonian

Jo Snyder

Melissa Starker

Ken Stewart

Angie Stringer

Jody Symula

Chris Tonra

Gaëtane Verna

Michele Wick

Kramer Wimberley

Christopher Winslow

All installation photography by Stephen Takacs