"Land Dive Team: Future Pond Site" a meditation workshop with scuba at Mildred's Lane (Beach Lake, PA) and the resulting "Land Dive Team" exhibition The Complex(ity) Project Space (Narrowsburg, NY). 

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A Land Dive to conjure the future pond at Mildred's Lane. With 16 newly certified Land Divers, who were participants in the Experience Economies session "Landscape Experience". 

Dive gear provided by Middletown Scuba.

Special thanks to Mildred's Lane & the Mildred Complex(ity), J. Morgan Puett, Experience Economies: Gavin Kroeber & Rebecca Uchill, Misha Wyllie, Cameron Klavsen, Rachel Leah Cohn, Isobel Lister, Mariana Gutierrez and Joshua Quarles.