Land Dive Team: Marfa 
March 16
We'll gather for an unprecedented meeting of the “Land Dive Team” in which meditating on land with scuba gear reveals the hidden depths of the Marfa landscape. Awareness of this environment, which two million years ago was an ocean, as well as attention to sound and breath are augmented in this hyper-focused flip of land and sea. And after your mindfulness is honed just so, you’ll become a certified Land Diver forevermore. 

Inquiry Pop-Up
March 15-19
As described by conjurer/producer Jennifer Elsner:
Inquiry Pop-Up is a vacay meets salon meets dinner party, for a carefully curated coterie of women, in a spectacular and remote location. It’s five days of personal and professional inquiry, intoxicating conversations, and bread-breaking with a different luminary from the arts, design, business and culture.

Dive gear provided by Funky Li'l Dive Shop in Toyahvale, Texas. Thanks to Darrel and Neta Rhyne and Trent Ragland.

Special thanks to Jennifer Elsner. And to Rebecca Gates and Kellie Brooks too.
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